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Class 1st to 5th is a crucial time in a child’s development. These years are crucial for establishing a stable framework for their personalities, cultivating positive habits, and developing solid knowledge.
Students in PSEB schools Class 1st to 5th are prepared to deepen their understanding across all academic areas. The Punjab School Education Board lays the foundation for their future success. Your kid gains experience and proficiency in reading, writing, and skill development as they are promoted to Middle School.
The PSEB syllabus and study materials for Class 1st to 5th at Naveen Model Sr. Sec. School are created to improve your child’s ability to reason and solve problems while building self-confidence.
For students in the Class 1st to 5th , our educators offer a fantastic SMART Way of learning experience where they give a complete curriculum combined with educational activities full of enjoyment for both the kids and parents.
Teachers using Class 1st to 5th level games make subjects enjoyable for Class 1st to 5th learning. In classes for Class 1st to 5th, educators use animation, embedded instruction, quick drills, and comprehensive tutorials to teach all subjects through self-paced lessons. These components make our Class 1st to 5th fun and interesting places to get homework help, study for exams, or just review material covered in class.