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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the admission process?

The parents would have to register the child (online / in the school office) for the age-appropriate class and submit documents accordingly. On completion of the registration process, parents will be invited for an interaction with the Principal. Admission will be confirmed on the payment of the fees.

2. Does the school provide transport?

Schools provide transport facility but there are some exceptions. Please contact specific school authorities.

3. What are the charges for transport and uniform cost as well?

Uniforms and books would be charged on actual. Transport & mid-day meals are optional. Fees to be paid additionally.

4. Is there an entrance exam for seeking admission?

Primary School up to class V: No written tests are required for primary till Vth class. Here, the admission can be confirmed after an interaction with the senior management of the school.
Senior School: Admission to senior classes can be attained after the child attempts the entrance tests for two subjects, i.e – English and Mathematics.

5. Are meals being provided?

No, Meals are not provided yet.

6.Does the school conduct any outbound trips?

Schools organise excursions and educational trips for the students. Some of them are optional others may be compulsory.

7. Does the school cater to children with special needs?

School provides the extra care and remedial classes for special children with special needs.

8. What is the approach to education at the Naveen's Group of Schools?

A holistic approach where students are taught the way they want to learn. Students learn by doing. Every lesson in every class, every day is a lesson for a life time.