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High School


Each student’s time in class 9th & 10th is important since it serves as a stepping stone toward the senior secondary exams they they’ll have to prepare for soon. Given today’s intense competition, PSEB Class 9th & 10th classes support students in pursuing excellence and knowledge. By picking the best classes in PSEB school for Class 9th & 10th , students can sharpen their wits and increase their understanding of the subjects and concepts they fear the most. Students can better understand fundamental subjects and do well on tests with professional PSEB 9th & 10th Class sessions led by qualified professors and personalized learning. Classes for Class 9th & 10th are in high demand because most students and their parents choose them over traditional coaching programs for a good cause.
The completion of Class 9th & 10th is the beginning of a new journey. Naveen Model Sr. Sec. School wants to make the experience easier, more enjoyable, and more realistic. We give our students individualized instruction based on their needs while keeping the class 9th & 10th syllabus in mind.
Our classes at Naveen Model Sr. Sec. School take learning to the next level. The Class 9th & 10th syllabus provides depth and insight into every subject. As a result, this program serves as a foundation for any career that your child could be interested in pursuing.
We aim to assist you in improving yourself while you pursue your goals of being the next scientist, physician, engineer, lawyer, accountant, or entrepreneur. We give students a platform for comprehensive growth as they pursue their embedded interests and explore their life’s path.