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Transport Fees

Transport Fees

1. Admission in school does not automatically guarantee a seat in school bus. Parents must make adequate enquiry in this regard.
2. Transport fee is to be paid for eleven and half months.
3. School fare rates are subject to revision, with or without prior intimation.
4. Permission for transport is given only one time and has to be renewed every year in March. Renewal is withheld if there are repeated complaints of indiscipline in the bus by any student. Renewal of permission is granted on the form in the month of February.

5. Students can join the bus at the start of the session. Mid-term joining is not allowed, except in the case of new admission.
6. Request for new transport use is to be made in proper form available at the enquiry counter along with two photographs
7. Student can leave the bus service at any time giving one-month notice. A temporary withdrawal is not allowed.
8. Partial Fee will not be accepted.
9. Concession of Rs.50/-p.m. is given on bus charges if fee is paid annually.
10. Any route can be discontinued if not viable, with one month notice