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Green & Clean Classrooms

Eco-Friendly Transportation

Waste Management and Recycling

Water Conservation

Impact Eco-System

Naveen Model International School

At Naveen Model International School, we are committed to establishing an atmosphere that promotes holistic development, environmental stewardship, and academic performance. Our buildings are built to complement our ground-breaking Impact Eco-System, a novel strategy that combines cutting-edge infrastructure with environmentally responsible activities and sustainable living ideas.

Science Lab

"Discover, Innovate, Transform: Where Curiosity Meets Discovery"

Our cutting-edge science lab at Naveen Model International School serves as a centre for learning, creativity, and discovery. Our lab offers students the resources and setting they need to investigate the mysteries of biology, chemistry, physics, and environmental science. It is designed to pique curiosity and cultivate a love for science.


"State-of-the-Art Learning Environments: Building Futures Today"

We at Naveen Model International School are pleased to present our IMMERSIVE EDUCATION centre, which is intended to revolutionise our students’ educational experiences. With the most recent technology combined with interactive, hands-on teaching methods, our state-of-the-art setting makes sure that learning is an adventure rather than just a process.

Sports & Activities

Welcome to the Sports Facility at Naveen Model International School

At Naveen Model International School, we value each student’s entire growth. Our cutting-edge sports complex is intended to develop young talent, enhance physical health, and foster sportsmanship and collaboration.

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Table Tennis

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